How to replace the rear brake pads on my passat 2007?

solved the problem, i found a TSB explaing what to do when this happens, and than i found a realy good HOW TO.

Practicly you need to reset the hand brake cylinder by:

1. Disconect batery for 5 minutes (this means if your car is 2007> you will have to go to dealer so he can put the code for radio thru some GEKO system othervise you cant use the radio!)

2. Connect the batery.

3. Dont start the car only give contact (many lights go on )

4. pres and hold the brake while presing the hand brake 2 times on and 2 times off. (i waited 30 seconds betven “on” and “off” cause the manual i found wasnt very clear)

5. Than i pussehd the cylinder back with hands, (Be carful not to turn it!!!) only push it straight i did it by hand.

6. Put everything back, deleted the fault codes and started all over again like manual said on the previous post.

I did everything like it said but at the end i end up with P on the dash light up, than i only deleted the fault codes from controler 53 – Hand brake and it worked like a charm!