Oil service reset Mercedes Sprinter 906

Reset oil Mercedes Benz Sprinter 906 warning light that appears in the dashboard of your car can be reset manually without using a computer or other device costly.

Follow these instructions to reset service interval Mercedes Benz Sprinter 906 / turn off service indicator Mercedes Benz Sprinter 906 (after an oil change):

  1. Turn igniton on
  2. Wait for the total milage appear
  3. Press and Hold “0” button
  4. Wait for the beep sound
  5. After beep stop pressing “0” and press “M” button until Reset .31 or .51
  6. Press and hold “0” for 3 sec
  7. Press again “0” once

This reset is required to be made only after the engine maintenance performed by replacing oil and filters corresponding engine that comes with your vehicle. This operation must be performed by a qualified and experienced to not cause serious damage to the engine and the risk can not be used.

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