Reset Service Indicator of BMW 3 E46 Chassis

Turn key switch ON or when start engine, the instrument panel will display “OIL Service” or“INSPECTION” and left distance for several seconds. If “Service” or“ INSPECTION” are lit all the time and the left distance is next to “0”? it indicates that it needs oil service reset.

Reset by manual :
1. Press RESET button in the left of instrument panel.
2. Turn key ON and to ACC position.
3. Waiting for the instrument displays “OIL Service” or “INSPECTION” is flashed.
4 Release RESET button, then press five seconds, the screen will display RESR or RE is flashed. Release RESET button again and press again till the screen displays “25000km”. Now reset is completed.

When you find there is “-“symbol in front of the left distance number in the screen, and you can’t do reset with the above method, now you can use X-431 to reset oil service.

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