Change interval reset for BMW X3

1. Get in the driver seat and close the door.
2. Press and hold “S/R” button (on the left).
3. While still holding on “S/R” button, insert and turn your key on but DO NOT start the car.
4. Keep on holding till “RESET” appears.
5. Release “S/R” button and press and hold it again till “RESET” starts flashing.
6. Release “S/R” button and press once(without holding) again.
5. You should see 15500 miles to go

Might have to do it a couple of times before you get, though.

Good luck.

Reset the service counter in car (seat altea)

Switch ignition OFF
Press and hold button A (underneath rev counter)
Switch ignition ON
Release button A
A spanner symbol will be displayed
Turn button A clockwise
Switch ignition OFF

Reset service light 2000 seat ibiza

Vehicles on fixed interval servicing can be reset as follows
Press and hold button “A” (positioned right of trip recorder display)
Switch ignition ON
The word “SERVICE” will appear in the trip recorder display
Release button “A”
Turn button “B” (positioned left of trip recorder display) to the right to reset the display
Switch ignition OFF

This applies to fixed service intervals only appearently

Button “A” is the trip reset
Button “B” is the clock set

Reset service light 2007 seat leon

Service light reset is as follows:-

1. Press and Hold the Odometer knob in
2. Turn the ignition on (do not start the car though)
3. Turn the odometer knob to the right and hold for about 5 secs.
4. Release odometer knob and switch ignition off.
5. Start car, Service indicator should now be gone.== Answer ==
cheers for the info worked first time probably saved me a few quid putting the car to a dealers.
ta much!

this worked on a 2000 modal with out a problem

Reset service indicator citroen piccaso

To reset the service light on your vehicle is a straight forward procedure. Ignition off , Hold down the left dash button with the 000 s on . Whilst holding the button turn on the ignition and watch the display count down to 0 . Turn ignition off then on again and there you have it. Magic. Obviously this should be done in conjunction with a routine service to insure your car is safe reliable and legal .