Service reset VW Crafter 2.5 td

VW Crafter service reset Sitting in the drivers seat looking at the dash on the left hand side you have a M button and below it a 0 button these are the buttons you will need to use.

When i refer to the LCD this is the illuminated part in the middle that shows your mileage,service mileage and trip mileage.

Please read this fully first to get the jist of it as if you perform the actions too slow it wont work and you will have to start over.

1.Put on ignition

2.Wait for service mileage to revert to vehicle mileage

3.When it reverts to the vehicle mileage press and hold the 0 button until you hear a beep (can take up to 30 seconds)

4.As soon as you hear the beep press the M button repeatdly and you will see in the LCD display different reset’s the one you need to select is “reset 51” if you go past it just keep pressing the M button till it comes up again.

5.When the “reset 51” is displayed stop pressing the M button then press and hold the 0 button again until a number 2 is displayed in the LCD.

6.Release the 0 button and then press twice and it will say in the LCD reset done ,if it is not reset you will get a 30% power reduction after 2K miles

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