Hot to reset service light on a Seat Arosa

The SEAT owners manual for the Arosa states.

With the ignition switched off, press and hold the trip meter reset button below the speedometer.

Then, switch the ignition on and hold the reset button for atleast 10 sconds.

Dashes will then appear in the display.

The service has been reset.

Service light reset on Vauxhall icd CORSA ASTRA ETC

There’s no great ”trade secret” as to how to reset the service indicator lamp on most Vauxhall’s, simply refer to pages in the Owner’s Handbook!

For reference of those interested in such matters, but who might not have access to an owner’s manual, this is the procedure to follow:

Vauxhall service reset

Turn Ignition Off
Hold Trip Reset In
Turn Ignition On Still Holding
Trip Reset wait for three dashes
Turn off Ignition
Turn on Ignition to confirm
To the best of my knowledge, the above service light reset procedure applicable to most Vauxhalls