Service Light Reset – Renault Laguna

The reset button is located under the speedometer on the instrument cluster.

Switch ignition on.

Press reset button until “spanner” symbol flashes.

Keep button depressed until “spanner” symbol stops flashing and remains illuminated.

Indicator shows appropriate service interval.

Release reset button.

Switch ignition off.

Some vehicles are fitted with a ‘SERV’ lamp – this is not a service interval indicator lamp, it is a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)

Renault Laguna 2 service light reset

With the ignition on, Press the end of the wiper stalk until miles to service appears on the dash screen.

Now, press and hold the mileage reset button on the instrument binnacle for more than 5 seconds, it will start to flash. Let go. This will reset your miles to service to the factory setting and get rid of the flashing spanner!

Reset service Renault Clio 2 1997 to 2005 without steering wheel stork

Press and hold the odometer reset button

Turn the ignition key to position 2

After 30 seconds release the odometer reset button

Turn ignition off

You may notice the display flashing or counting down.

Reset service light oil change interval on Renault modus 1.5 dci


//// go to oil substitute thuson press up arrow on wiper switch since a few seconds distance until next service appears. then it will reset back to 12000 miles hope this contribute tos modus 1.5 dci

Service light on my Renault Megane Scenic

The procedure for the Mégane II (2002-2006, pre-facelift model) is:

Scroll through the trip computer until you get to the “change oil soon message/miles to next service” displayed.
Press and hold the mileage trip reset button on the speedo untill the display flashes, and then stays fixed. This can take a few seconds.